Our Firm

Founded in 2014, Interglobal Capital is a boutique Investment banking firm which provides end-to-end advisory services in raising private equity and debt. We provide advisory services for M&A and private equity funds. We are sector agnostic, only driven by viability of the project.

We assist companies in raising capital in the form of specialized/structured funding for their capitalization/re-capitalization strategies and achieving next stage growth. Also we assist companies to leverage debt, to raise capital through structured financial products or other innovative funding instruments.

We provide full range of strategic solutions: sell-side and buy-side advisory including cross border M&A, acquisition funding, strategic alliances and restructuring.

We understand the 360 degrees of capital raising for India focused private equity funds and are well connected with investors looking to invest in India.

We bring to the table a deep understanding of the subtleties, nuances and dynamics of deal-making, which has been acquired through years of diverse transaction experience.

Diversity in industry coverage exemplifies our ability to understand domain-specific issues, trends and growth drivers quickly, which is critical to position the deal effectively.

Our clients value our focused, actionable advice founded on deep domain expertise and proven track record.

Wide network of investors

Our strength lies in relationships through our network of business associates having ability to raise capital at all levels. We can provide access to international financing sources through our network and help structure and arrange highly customized financial solutions. We at Interglobal Capital have extensive regional and global reach over Investors/Lenders and have alliances and partners in the USA, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Australia and South East Asia.

Our industry focus is driven by extensive experience of our professionals in the identified industries and their understanding of the sector dynamics, opportunities, risks and challenges. The rich and diverse experience of our team has helped in executing more than 100+ mandates across diverse range of industries for Indian as well as global companies, investment firms and private equity and venture capital firms in the past.

Based in New Delhi, we have excellent people resource with state of the art infrastructure.